Rich Wertz




Developing web applications with server-side and client-side scripting languages is an essential part of integrating into the modern internet. Users must be able to use these tools intuitively and that's where a keen understanding of form and function can make the difference between effective apps and junk. The key is functionality that doesn't intrude on a beautifully designed UI/UX interface.
My skillset in the practice of web application programing includes ASP.NET, PHP, MySql, Java, and VS.

Website Design

Communicating information across the internet is sometimes difficult because not everyone can find the information they need amongst the noise and crowds of some websites. Being able to quickly find what you're looking for is every user's dream when they search the internet. Why not give the user what they want? Clean, simple designs are so important for communicating your ideas to the rest of the world.
In the basic practice of web design, I am fluent in HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript (including a number of libraries).


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  • Ethnology: An international journal of cultural and social anthropology

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    Project Rich Wertz

Social Media

Anything that needs an audience online has a social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the largest examples of social media. They work by giving users the content they are looking for, while also incorporating advertising into the results. It is a very simple model, one that still powers television and radio broadcasts. Using these media engines to spread the word about your company, your idea, your blog, your cat video, can be a daunting task. Using social media effectively can create a buzz about a product or shoot your cat's video into viral status.


If you would like to engage my services, please send me a message.