Unit 2

Combining Images

Choose a minimum of two different images you would like to combine together in some fashion to create a composite.

Demonstrate use of selection tools. Use a combination of marquee, magic wand, lassos, etc., to make your desired selection.

Make a new layer of each selection; drag the layer into the final composite file you created in Step 1. Each layer in the composite file should be a unique selection.

Panda in Bamboo

The hardest part of this assignment was getting used to working with layers. The background image is actual bamboo growing in my backyard. The panda is a picture of Ling Ling from the National Zoo in Washington before she was given back to China. I took the picture when I was in fifth grade during a school field trip. Even though we've had bamboo for at least the last four years, no pandas have shown up to eat it all.