Unit 3

Repairing Tools

This week we will be retouching and repairing a black and white image. We will need to use the various retouching tools (cloning stamp, healing brush, patch) and we will be adjusting the tonal values of the image. The highlights, shadows, and midtones will be adjusted by using a Curves Adjustment Layer.

After the tonal values have been corrected, the next step will be to apply color to the image using painting and blending techniques. Be sure to use the opacity and blending modes while coloring the image so the original texture of the image will be maintained.

Original Retouched
Rich Wertz / IT247 / Unit 3 Original Image Rich Wertz / IT247 / Unit 3 Retouched Image


Some of the more complex tools, especially the hidden ones were hard to get to and use because I had to remember where they all were on the toolbox. A few of my classmates opted to color the leaves as well, but I chose to color the two roses separately. I used a clone stamp tool to remove the leaf at the upper right corner, adjusted the curves to remove what I like to call the 'smoke' of the original image and a border made of a unique spatter brush that I found at the Adobe Exchange.