Unit 4

Creating Composites and Adding Type

Project requirements:

  1. Create new file:
    • 1024x250 pixels
    • RGB mode
    • 72dpi
    • Transparent background
  2. Choose three different images to use in your design. Ensure they are all
    sized correctly prior to pasting/placing into new file. These can be images you
    create, find online or images you have on hand. (Only use online images from
    sites that allow free use.)
  3. Select typeface to apply to your name in logotype design.
  4. Create tagline between 3-5 words and select typeface to apply.
  5. Demonstrate at least one use of adjustment layer.
  6. Demonstrate at least one use of layer mask.
  7. Demonstrate at least one use of type style.


The 'catchphrase' in this logo speaks to how I tend to see myself. If I had a job title, that would be it. The text layer's font is called 'Seriffic Grunge'. Originally, I was going to use one of my Chinese brush fonts, but decided against it. The shadow for the text layer is a layer mask and is a copy of the text layer, only with a gausian blue applied, which renders a shadow. The default was a darker version of the background green color, but I changed it to black at the last minute. The three images that are present are my chop set in a stylized circular frame (a similar one is located at the top of the project page), a picture of my keyboard, with an adjustment transparency layer applied and the public HTML 5 badge. For the assignment, we are asked to imagine a name for our design company, so I chose '5 x 5'.

The actual image measures 1024 x 250, which is a little larger than my web template can handle, so I scaled it to a 900px width in the code. The graphic itself is still 1024 x 250.