Unit 8


Project Instructions:

  1. Create a new composite file according to specifications:
    • File no larger than 1024x768
    • 72dpi
    • RGB Mode
  2. All project images created in Units 1–7 have been included as either a text link (to be activated later in Dreamweaver) or as a thumbnail.
  3. The design should follow the grid pattern technique.

Slices, assembled with a table

The purpose of this week's project is to produce a mockup of the final project, which is supposed to be a portfolio consisting of all the projects in the course.

To some degree, I understand what the nature of the unit 8 project and how slices can be used in the way specified in the instructions. For all intents and purposes, this style or method of website design is outdated and only really served a purpose for such a short amount of time. For a time, right around 2003, everyone was making websites like this, because it was easy to produce, didn't take long to load and kept bandwidth low. It was a useful method, and it certainly was needed in its day, but it is a very outdated way to make a website.

Honestly, I get why it's important to know how to use the slice tool and the benefits of using multiple parts of a single image in terms of image searching. Using the tool as a way to design a website is, in my opinion, absurd. The thought that this is supposed to serve as a 'professional portfolio' is ridiculous.