Unit 7

Vanishing Filter

Project Instructions:

  1. Create a new composite file according to specifications:
    • File no larger than 640x480
    • 72dpi
    • RGB Mode
  2. Select the images you will use for this project and ensure that each is on a labeled layer.
  3. Demonstrate use of a minimum of one smart filter.
  4. Demonstrate use of a minimum of one smart filter mask.
  5. Demonstrate use of a vanishing point filter.
  6. Create a layer comp specifically for an image used with a vanishing point filter.
Finished Composite with vanishing point
Rich Wertz / IT247 / Unit 7 / Vanishing Point Composite

Original Composite images:
iPhone Advertisement Downtown Pittsburgh in the 1940s
Rich Wertz / IT247 / Unit 7 / iPhone Advertisement Rich Wertz / IT247 / Unit 7 / 1940s Downtown Pittsburgh

This class has caused me to struggle a bit with creativity. Ideas only come to me when I'm not actively trying to produce an idea, but when one is needed, my imagination takes a vacation. Luckily, several people who have already taken this class still have their project pages up, so I could have a look at what other people did to try and get some ideas. The idea for a building of some sort as the backdrop was fairly common, and it happened that I was just watching a documentary on the evolution of Times Square in New York City when I saw the NASDAQ screen- the one that takes up about ten floors on the rounded corner of a building. I thought, wouldn't it be neat to superimpose a vintage shot of Times Square over this visual so that it looked like all this fancy stuff was around back in the 40s. That's where this idea came from. They liked to paint advertisements onto the sides of buildings back then and I thought it would be clever to have an iPhone advert on a 1940s building.

The first thing I had to do was increase the image in size so that the viewer could see details. After defining the vanishing point mesh, I transformed the iPhone advert to a smaller size that fit inside my definition mesh. Both the image of downtown Pittsburgh and the advert were converted to smart objects so that smart filters and masks could be applied. The advert layer is embossed and there are a few filters applied to it as well. Finally, I gave the final composite a sepia wash so that everything was the same color, then sharpened it all up a bit to further blend the two images. I'm really quite pleased with the final result.

Downtown Pittsburgh in the 1940s came from a family tree website: < http://partleton.co.uk >
iPhone advertisement is from a blog about Apple products: < http://www.kenwooi.com/2010/09/apple-iphone-4.html >