Unit 1- Storyboard

Project requirements:

Digital Narrative concept: Describe your story concept in a Word file. Based upon the six frames in the storyboards, what key events will occur in each frame in the storyboards. The paper should be minimum of two (2) pages, 12 pt type, double-spaced.
Storyboards/Animatics: Minimum 6 frames, typical frames are 3.25” wide x 2” high. Six frames can be easily placed on an 8.5x11 file or document. There is a storyboard template in Doc Sharing with six frames to download and use as your starting point. Ensure the storyboards are clear to the viewer. If you are not comfortable drawing, create basic figures with text captions below each frame. You can either create very basic storyboards in Word or create more detailed versions in an image-editing program such as Photoshop. Lastly, you could sketch the boards, scan them, and turn in the scans as a JPG.


IT373 Unit 01 Deliverable



I've always wanted to walk amongst the hills and valleys past the pagodas depicted in the Chinese hanging scrolls in my office. With this project, I got the opportunity to guide a dragon through them instead. After taking some high-res pics of the scrolls, I formed them into the background of the story, which is about a dragon who escapes the circus to find his home.

The storyboard itself was easy enough to create and put together. Speaking from experience, this step is really important for a project like this, since it acts like a guide for the steps to come.