Unit 10- Final Project

Project requirements:

  1. Appropriate use of symbols (graphics, movie clips, and buttons) used throughout movie. All symbols uniquely labeled.
  2. Pacing of movie clearly established by using of frames. Keyframes only used to change content on stage rather than increase length of time of objects on stage.
  3. Tweens created correctly throughout file; demonstrated use of motion, shape and path tweens.
  4. Background sound added, synchronized and edited with Edit Envelope feature.
  5. Actionscript 3.0 functions written for minimum of three buttons to respond to mouse events.
  6. Demonstrated use of drawing shapes in Flash, minimum three unique shapes.
  7. Use of imported graphics with appropriate file formats and sized appropriately prior to import. Imported graphics not used excessively preventing smooth online playback.
  8. FLV (Flash video) file used with playback component or embedded in timeline. (Sample video provided in Doc Sharing)
  9. File organization: Clear use of labeled layers, layer folders to organize sections, frame labels applied, all unused items deleted from library.
  10. All six frames of storyboard are clearly represented in cohesive finished movie, which plays successfully online.


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This project was pretty much finished at the end of the previous unit. I had to add some elements that I had previously taken out because they were no longer part of the requirements for a given unit. Putting everything together wasn't difficult at all. Just throw in some additional story text and some cool graphic effects, and it was finished. I had a two week break because I got done so early.
This is probably one of my top 5 favorite classes.