Unit 6- Active Buttons

Project requirements:

Create fully functioning navigation to transition from the title screen to the first section and to transition from the first section to the second section of your storyboards. Implement two new layers for labels and actions.

  1. Create new layer for Actions. Insert stops at the end of each section. Insert functions for each button.
  2. Create new layer for Labels. Apply unique name to each section on labels layer.
  3. Create one invisible button to place over last frame of title screen.
  4. Create one button to place on stage and transition from end of first section to beginning of second section.
  5. Write ActionScript functions to enable both buttons to respond to mouse events and transition to sections of file.
  6. Insert stops at the end of each section on timeline.


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Time for Action Scripting! The reading exercise was very useful and gave me some good ideas about integrating these methods into a splash page for a website. For the assignment, a number of stops were added to the timeline through Action Script, only to prompt the user to resume the movie at each interval. While the assignment taught me a lot about Action Scripting, I hate what it has done to my movie. It needs to flow and progress uninterrupted. The invisible button was placed on the first frame, so that the user must click on the title screen for the movie to begin.