Unit 5- Three Story Frames

Project requirements:

  1. Begin and complete the second frame of your storyboard. Implement graphics, text, and animations to clearly demonstrate the second frame of your story content.
  2. Include one example of a shape tween in your file. The shape tween could be simple shape transitions or you could apply a shape tween to text. These are possible examples, feel free to be creative and create tweens appropriate for your story.
  3. Use the bandwidth profiler and publish a generated report from your file.


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Midterm! Time for the dragon to make his escape. To that end, I articulated his limbs (so he could walk), which was quite possibly the most difficult part of this course. For the remainder of the projects, the dragon has full range of his appendages. For the shape tweening, I used the pearl bouncing on the path. The report requirement revealed that my choice of background music was taking a lot of bandwidth, so I modified it so that it transferred more smoothly.