Unit 4- Animation

Project requirements:

  1. Create an animation in a movie clip symbol. Place instance of movie clip on main timeline.
  2. Create a second animation on main timeline. This is a separate animation from the one created in the movie clip.
  3. Demonstrate transparency, position or scale change in either animation.
  4. Easing applied to at least one animation.
  5. Pacing established with appropriate use of keyframes and frames. Content stays on stage long enough to read/view. Pacing is not controlled by fps, but rather use of frames.
  6. Create folders for layers to organize timeline.


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This project needed two animations, but I did three. I combined one of the animations with the scale change by bringing the dragon along the path in a reverse vanishing point. I wanted to demonstrate that the dragon had a long journey, so I made him go up one hill and down another in the scroll painting. I hit a snag or two along the way and this assignment was two days late, but the Prof was giving me help, so didn't deduct a late penalty.