Unit 9- Masking

Project requirements:

This project will include masking. A minimum of one mask will be applied in your file. Choose the optimal location in overall file where the masking compliments or adds interest to your storyline. This week also represents when the fourth section of your storyboard is completed. At this stage, add the appropriate symbols, text, animations, and navigation to complete this section. After completion of the fourth section, there is only one section remaining to complete for the final!
Lastly, an additional button will be added to your overall file to bring the total current count of scripted buttons to three. Remember, for the final, three scripted and fully functioning buttons need to be included in the file.


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The navigation requirement was simple- I just added a replay button at the end, which meant that the three navigation requirements for the final were already complete- one invisible button on the title slide, a continue prompt after the introduction and the replay button at the end.
The masking proved a challenge since I'm used to working from the perspective of negative space when masking is considered and the way this concept works in Flash is almost the complete opposite. In order to get my head wrapped around this concept, I did it backwards first and then just reversed the color scheme so that it looked like it was revealing the dragon's home. In the final project, I want to have several dragons appear all around the temple so that the viewer will know that the dragon has finally reached his destination.
What I wouldn't give to have some artistic ability so that when the dragon goes around the bend at the bottom of the scroll painting by the pagoda, he looked three-dimensional. At the time, I was more concerned with getting an object to follow a path while increasing its size in relation to distance than I was with how the object looked.