Unit 8- Video

Project requirements:

The goal of this project is to add video to your file. You may choose either a personal video to import or there is a sample video available in doc sharing, video_sample.mpg. Preview the video sample to gauge how long the video should be if you choose to use your own. You will also be starting the fourth section of your storyline. This will enable you to stay on track with completing the overall project! Be sure to implement the text and graphics necessary to indicate progress made on the fourth section for this week!

There are two different approaches for implementing video. Both options will need to be converted to a flv (flash video) file format to be imported into Flash. The Adobe Media Encoder is used to convert the existing video files to the flv format. The Media Encoder comes with Flash and you will find it as a separate program installed on your hard drive. The Adobe Media Encoder is capable of applying minor crops to the video. Take advantage of these editing features to ensure the video will add value to your file, rather than increase the size so dramatically it’s difficult to view when posted online.

The first step is to encode the video in an external FLV file. FLV are flash video files, and they need to be hosted on a server. These can either be streamed or set to progressive downloads. After the video has been converted to a flv format, import the file into Flash. Use the Import Video wizard to link to the flv file (save the file in a folder with your fla file). Choose the Load External Video with playback component option, select the skin style to use with the component and click finish to complete encoding the file and test your file to ensure the video plays correctly. The second approach is to embed the video right into the fla file. The timeline extends to accommodate the video, and it will add considerably to your overall file size. Weigh your options for both approaches to decide which method is the best for you.

Use this as an opportunity to review the Adobe Media Encoder and to become familiar with the video format, flv. This project does not entail linking to a video hosted to an external site such as YouTube. Linking to an external source will not meet the requirements of this project.


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For as easy as unit 7 was with its audio requirements, unit 8 proved to be quite a challenge with the video portions. There was an odd setting that, of course, was not calibrated properly in the Media Encoder and I kept getting errors at 98% conversion. The video itself is of pandas eating bamboo. I had to improvise a new frame in the storyboard to account for this. It looks a bit startling to see a bunch of pandas sitting around eating bamboo and then a perfectly rectangular box in place of one of their heads which is the container for a video. But, the Prof didn't seem to mind, so I kept it. I'm not too sure what happened to make me completely forget that a video was part of the final project, and that I needed a whole additional frame for it. It looks sloppy and it took a very long time to get the Media Encoder working properly, but it was acceptable and I got a perfect score on it. So I would consider it an overall success.