Unit 7- Background Music

Project requirements:

Choose and import a sound file to use on either your main timeline or in a movie clip placed on the main timeline. Ensure you have chosen a compatible file format with Flash. You will also use the Edit Envelope feature in Flash. This allows you to apply minor edits to the sound file. Sound effects, such as fading sound and cross fades, are also available by implementing the edit envelope dialog box. Syncing options for playback include streaming, event, start, and stop. Demonstrate the use of the Edit Envelope tool by either trimming the end of the sound, applying a fade to the beginning or ending of the sound file, or adjusting the overall volume. This tool is appropriate for minor edits.


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Before I began my storyboard back in unit 1, I read ahead to all of the assignments to find out what the requirements were going to be so that I could build a story suitable for all of the necessary parts. When I realized that audio was going to be incorporated, it was quick work to find an appropriate file from my collection of Chinese music and I read ahead and found the procedure to put it into the project in unit 2. Easy peasy!