Unit 2- Title Card

Project requirements:

  1. Customize your stage size and set background color. Stages are typically sized to 640x480 and 800x600. Use the property panel to set background color of stage.
  2. Create new layers for the text and graphics. Each layer should have a unique name. Placing individual text frames or graphics on new layers is a best practice and will help you keep the file organized overall.
  3. Type and format text for the movie title plus the author’s name. Unlike web sites in XHTML, you can use any font you like in Flash! Choose a font that compliments the theme of your narrative but is still legible to the average viewer. Experiment with style, color, size and be sure to include your name as the author too!
  4. Apply a minimum of one text filter to either title or author name.
  5. Create two original graphics using the drawing tools, apply transparency to a minimum of one shape. Keep the graphics simple or if you enjoy drawing freehand they can be more elaborate. It’s your design, choose what style suits your movie best.


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Since I don't have the tools for drawing freehand (or the talent), I used shapes and made some nice curves and applied some transparency. The text components are done with a font that I love to use in graphics- HanWang032- it mimics Chinese brush writing.

The red pearl that the dragon is looking at and the background for the title text are the two graphics that I created for the requirements. They are all transparent and the title text has some filters too. For my first real Flash movie in many years, it didn't turn out too bad.