Unit 3- Images

Project requirements:

  1. Import two images to place on stage. Ensure artwork is sized appropriately prior to importing (resolution, width and height).
  2. Create one graphic symbol and one movie clip symbol. Name each symbol specifically instead of relying on default symbol names, such as Symbol 1, Symbol 2.
  3. Apply blending, color, or transparency effect to one symbol instance (minimum).
  4. Create folder in library for original imported assets.
  5. All unique symbols placed on separate, labeled layers.


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Images, symbols, movie clips... it was all starting to bleed together until I realized that each individual graphic state served its own purpose. A movie clip can work as a button, a symbol can be dynamically altered and an image is used for graphic appeal. Part of the reason in my choice of subject for this class was the various design elements I already had on hand. As it turned out, having these already in place allowed me to focus more on their interactive properties and determining fairly early on what role each would play in the final product.